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Synagogue services

Synagogue services


Synagogue Services

The city’s only synagogue, under the auspices of the Jewish Community of Bratislava (ZNO), is now open and in use for prayers during the summer months. All prayers during the spring and summer months will take place in the main synagogue , located at Heydukova ul.11-13, under the leadership of Chief Rabbi Boruch Myers. There is currently a minyan on Mondays, Thursdays, Shabbos and Jewish holidays.

Times for May- September 2017-  (5777) are:

Friday night – Maariv 7:00 pm (19:00)

Saturday morning - Shacharis 9:30 am

Monday and Thursday shacharis at- Panenska ul. 4 - 7:30am 

Minyanim can be arranged with advance notice for groups and/or individuals needing prayers for a yahrtzeit. Call to make arrangements at: +421-917-966-186.

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