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Kosher food

Kosher food


Kosher Catering and Tourist Meals        Tzali's upsherenish 005.jpgSpolocenska sala.jpg

There are no kosher grocery shops or hotels currently operating in Slovakia. It is possible to buy a number of kosher products in local stores, as well as bread ( no pastries or other baked products) at the bakery „Kvasok“ located at Mlynarovičova ulica 28.

Chabad of Slovakia steadily provides a full range of Kosher L'Mehadrin Shabbos meals and/or weekday meals for businessmen and groups in the major hotels in the center of Bratislava, as well as anyone in need of kosher food during their stay. These orders need advance reservation by email , or cell phone/ Whatsapp: +421-905-964-155.

 KOSHER L'MEHADRIN CATERING for larger groups and events , in our beautiful new social hall,  can be arranged by contacting us at the above numbers/ email. All orders must be pre-paid, either via Paypal or bank transfer. 

Cost:  Breakfast- 9 Euro/person

Boxed lunch for travelling - 10 Euro/ person

Hot lunch- 15 Euro per person per meal- includes bread or rolls, appetizer and salad, main dish, side dish and dessert.

Dinner- 20 Euro/person- includes bread rolls, two salads, main dish, two side dishes, and dessert

Shabbos meals- 25 Euro/person/meal- includes wine, large challa, rolls, fish, three salads, soup (cholent on Shabbos day), main meat dish, two side dishes, and dessert

Delivery fee (in Bratislava only)- 15 Euro/delivery   

All meals are kosher l´mehadrin under the hashgocho of Rabbi Boruch Myers, and are Bishul Yisroel, Pas Yisroel, and either Cholov Yisroel or Glatt Kosher, chassidishe shechita meat.

Kosher lunch (pareve or meat only) can also be reserved from a set menu Mon. - Fri. throughout the year from the Jewish community soup kitchen. It must be ordered in advance by calling 421 2 5441 6949 between 9:00 – 13:30. Located in the building of the Jewish Community offices at Panenska ulica 4.


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