Kindergarten is a time of learning, of exploring,  of laughter,… of discovery. Our full secular and Judaic, age-appropriate curriculum ensures that our students´ first experience in school is positive, joyful and secure, and equips them with the knowledge and self-confidence to continue onward. 

I. Judaic Curriculum

 Hebrew alphabet

 Shabbos and holidays

The Jewish home and community

"Making a mentch”

II. Secular Curriculum

Our secular curriculum meets and exceeds all regulations set down by the Slovak Ministry of Education. Recent state school inspection rated our kindergarten as one of the top early childhood educational facilities in the country, a distinction we are proud to have earned, and consistently strive to improve. Our creative curriculum is taught in Slovak, and follows thematic units divided into weekly or monthly segments. Increasing amounts of information and basic life skills are imparted daily through a combination of:

Language instruction

Math instruction

Physical Education

Literary instruction

Art and craft instruction

Music instruction