Is this a private school, religious school, language school? Hard to tell, as our students switch back and forth between three languages with ease….

We firmly believe in every childs´ innate cleverness, and ability to process information naturally, when presented in a relaxed, enjoyable manner. Our Judaic program is taught exclusively in English by staff from abroad, exposing even our youngest students to both a new, international vocabulary and a wealth of possibilities for Jewish learning, In addition, Hebrew reading skills and basic vocabulary are incorporated, in context, on a daily basis, as children become aquainted with the history, objects and celebrations which make up their heritage. We are gratified that our students, upon “graduating” our school, understand and express themselves easily in English and incorporate relevant Hebrew words as part of their natural vocabulary.

And, obviously, “Na Slovensku po slovensky!” Our local secular staff imparts a love of, and appreciation for, the childrens´native Slovak language, using innovative audio and verbal impetus to inculcate proper pronunciation, grammar and confident self-expression, preparing them as capable, articulate participants in Slovak society.