In addition to classic, frontal teaching, our school incorporates proven, effective modern methodology in all subject areas, to ensure that each child can learn in the manner best suited to his/her individual needs. Prominent amongst these are:

1) ”Whole Language” –Based on the belief that one learns best though real-life experience and direct interaction with the material learned. Our students don’t just listen – they feel, see, move, experiment, smell, taste, dramatize and explore our curriculum. Daily, theme-related outings, constant exposure to letters and numbers, and plenty of opportunities to discover their world in a non-judgmental environment, provide children with a wealth of knowledge and happy memories.

2) “Multiple Intelligences” – based on the principle that individuals are born with innate, unique strengths and aptitudes called intelligences through which they best perceive and interact with the world around them. These are: verbal, mathematical, spatial, interpersonal, intrapersonal, kinesthetic, and natural. Our curriculum themes are specially designed to integrate each of these into each lesson, assisting each student in comprehending and internalizing the material in harmony with their natural abilities and interests.

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