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In September 1994, at the parents´ request, we opened the “Školský klub Tora Or”, an after-school club meeting originally on Sundays, then weekdays for 1½-2 hours daily. The club´s aim is to provide continuing Jewish education and social interaction with Jewish peers, for children in elementary school (and their parents!), and to fill the gap in a fun-filled, age –appropriate manner once children enter the state school system. 

As children enter school and become more involved in society, it becomes increasingly important to strengthen and develop the Jewish side of their identity: a place to answer their questions, provide information and background on Jewish practices, introduce them to peers like themselves, and, above all, to do it all in a framework of acceptance, enthusiasm, creativity and joy that comes from being valued members of the Jewish nation.

After only one year of operation, the Slovak Ministry of Education awarded our program official status as an independent, religious educational institution, the only such program in Slovakia accredited in this way when not connected to an existing elementary or middle school.

To register your child for the 2014-2015 school year and a fun-filled, unforgettable jewish educational experience, call tel: 0905-964-155.