We believe that learning should be fun! In addition to the wide range of creative didactic methods used, children are further inspired to proceed and succeed through specific incentive programs, such as:

1)  Alef Champ – Hebrew reading skills are divided into karate-inspired, color-coded levels, comprised of booklets, flashcards, and “beat-the-clock” reading games, encouraging children to work individually and in groups to proceed to the next “champion” level. Corresponding-color certificates and prizes are distributed at monthly award ceremonies, ensuring that each student feels like a winner!

2) Torah dollars – In Jewish education, knowledge is only beneficial when it’s internalized and leads to positive action. We believe that intellect must be combined and infused with solid morals and values, such as consideration, helpfulness, patience and respect. Therefore, good behavior is rewarded with “Torah Dollars” – paper “currency” given out daily to acknowledge respectful participation, effort and kindness to classmates. At various intervals throughout the year, these dollars are used by students to “purchase” prizes, based on the amount earned.